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10 May, 2019 Cuba Marks 74th Anniversary of the Victory Over Fascism

The 74th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany”s fascism in the Second World War (1939-1945) was remembered here on Thursday with a military ceremony and placing wreaths in the mausoleum in honor of the Soviet Internationalist Soldier.

25 October, 2018 Lula Asks to Vote for Haddad to Stop Fascism

In order to preserve democracy in Brazil, threatened by right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva asked this Wednesday to vote for Fernando Haddad, representative of the Workers’ Party.

18 October, 2018 Fernando Haddad Adds Support to His Candidacy

Over a thousand Brazilian jurists backed this Wednesday to Fernando Haddad, the presidential candidate for the Workers’ Party, to consider him the only one able to guarantee the continuity of democracy in the country.

16 October, 2018 Voting for Haddad is to Response to Fascism in Brazil

Representatives of six political parties grouped together on a Democratic front in support of Fernando Haddad, warned that voting for this presidential candidate is the answer to the shadow of fascism threatening to lay on Brazil.

3 July, 2017 There is an Indissoluble Link between Cuba and Venezuela

Cuba will be with Venezuela to the last consequences, Abel Prieto said this Monday in Santiago de Cuba when exchanging in the Santa Iphigenia Cemetery with participants of the Hugo Chavez, the Passion Uniting Us Second International Colloquium