nautica cubaHavana, Cuba.-As recreational nautical activities in Cuba are attracting a growing number of foreign tourists, travel agencies are implementing more programs to meet the increasing demands of those who want to sail along Cuban waters, while the island”s nautical flagship club is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The Ernest Hemingway International Club will turn 25 years on May 21, 2017, contributing, too, diplomatic efforts in favor of travels, peace, tolerance and understanding.

Commodore Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich, who is in charge of promoting the seafaring tradition of friendship and good will, has headed the Club, with headquarters in the Hemingway Marina, in western Havana, since 1992.

Diaz Escrich recently told Prensa Latina that the club has 3,053 members from 73 countries, 46 percent of whom are from the United States (1,397 members).

The Club organizes regattas, exhibitions, exchanges, competitions and other events that not only involve diplomats, business people and visitors, but also a young generation of sailing enthusiasts, for example.

Due to those restrictions, U.S. citizens can visit Cuba only if they fall into 12 categories approved by the Department of Treasury. They cannot travel freely as tourists.

The Cuban tourist group Gaviota runs one-third of the country’s hotel capacity (62,000 rooms), it operates 35 modern catamarans, and 225,000 travelers participate in its nautical activities on 22 fishing boats and 10 diving boats.

Meanwhile, Grupo Empresarial de Náuticas y Marinas Marlin handles more than 400,000 clients every year in five international marinas and 11 nautical bases in 39 diving zones, with 23 diving centers and visits to 900 underwater spots.