tabacoHavana, Cuba.-The Cigar Houses, attached to the Caracol Co., are ideal places to satisfy the most demanding tastes of cigar lovers. In these places, customers can enjoy the excellent service they deserve.

In over 12 Cigar Houses located throughout Cuba, clients can acquire the three most emblematic products of the country: the world’s best cigar trademarks, the Cuban rums and the Cuban coffee. Trademarks such as Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo and Cohíba are for sale in these singular stores.

Another distinctive element of the Cigar Houses is the experience and the quality of the cigar rollers. This veteran trade allows getting a perfect balance between the cigar’s wrappers and their fillings when making the product. This, in turn, results in the cigar’s perfect burning when lighting it up, and in its ductility when smoking it.

A specialized attention and the guarantee of being able to enjoy the best cigars in the world, make visitors of the Cigar Houses become regular customes.

One of the characteristics of these centers is the presence, in most of them, of a cigar roller, who shows visitors how cigars are made – as some people prefer to buy cigars once they’ve seen how these are done.

The Cigar Houses, attached to the Caracol Co., will stand out in the 19th Cigar Festival, to take place from February 28 to March 3. During this edition, clients will enjoy the traditional Cocktail Night, a special occasion to taste rums and cigars in spaces designed to fully enjoy these pleasures.

The Cigar Festival, held each year at the halls of the Havana’s Conference Center, gives participants the possibility of finding the perfect combination between liquors and cigars. Meanwhile, the 30th edition of the Amigos de Partagás Meeting is scheduled for November at the Partagás Cigar House, the first created in Cuba in 1993. This trademark sells over 2 million cigars every year.

The Partagás Cigar House, also attached to the Caracol Co., is located at Real Fábrica de Tabacos, (Calle Industria 520 e/Dragones y Barcelona) at the core of Havana. Since November 1998, this cigar house organizes these meetings with the purpose of bringing together its most loyal clients, who are already considered friends, but also those who join every year to celebrate another anniversary of the cigar house.

For a week, the Partagás Cigar House offers several events, including welcome dinner and Gala with artistic show; visits to places of interest for smokers; beach day; visit to the countryside; lots; auctions, and other recreational options, and all the time in the world to smoke at the House with the friends.

The Cigar Festival, which every year attracts an increasing number of participants -over 350- has collected through auctions and other initiatives considerable sums of money that have been donated to the Cuban public health, particularly to fight cancer.