Santa Clara, Cuba.- Scientists from the Cuban central province of Villa Clara made decisive contributions to economic development and the fight against Covid-19 in 2021, officials from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) highlighted on Monday.

Dr. Maria del Carmen Velasco, CITMA delegate in this province, noted that in the past year 28 innovations with productive and social significance materialized and are already being applied with notable success.

They are, among others, the application of process analysis in facilities of the Cuban Rum Industry, Computational tools for the analysis of electrical power systems and CBQ-VTC Chemical Auditory for the production of ready-mixed concrete in constructions.

Likewise, new sweet potato cultivars were achieved, the implementation of the comprehensive weed control service for sugarcane and the severity predictive model for risk stratification in patients with Covid-19.

She added that Villa Clara, as a province that innovates for development, contributes to all spheres of society and her research extends with relevant impacts in other territories of the country.

Velazco underlined that the men and women in the sector grew in the confrontation with Covid-19 and in other priorities such as the Food Sovereignty Program, nutritional education and the production of goods and services.

She pointed out that the main challenge for 2022 is to ensure that scientific research is present in all sectors.