Raul during his visit to the Industrial Military Company of Camaguey.

Raul during his visit to the Industrial Military Company of Camaguey.

CAMAGUEY, Cuba. –Army General Raul Castro Ruz visited this Wednesday the Major General Ignacio Agramonte Industrial Military Company of Camaguey, founded almost thirty years ago Commander- in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

Talking with executives of the company and the Union of Military Industries (UIM), prior to the tour of the facilities, Raul knew about the productions made to satisfy the demands of the country´s defense and, fundamentally, of the national economy.

Among other topics, the Cuban President was informed about the programs undertaken for the manufacture, repair and modernization of machines and tools; the production and recovery of spare parts, as well as the expansion of capacities to produce containers and packaging, all of these high priority subjects for Cuba.

In particular, Raul was interested in the support the UIM has given to the recovery after the passage of Hurricane Irma last September. To date, more than one million square meters of metallic shingles – with all its attachments – and 25 thousand plastic tanks have been meant for this purpose.

After learning about the work of the Industrial Military Company of Camaguey, the Army General described it as a jewel that is capable of giving greater results.
He could appreciate that directly in an exhibition of their main productions, including a line of furniture for offices, homes and resorts, melamine tableware, industrial hardware, padlocks and locks, beds and mattresses, wooden doors, awnings and shingles.

Raul later toured the workshops of some of the factories the company groups, accompanied by the first Vice-president Miguel Diaz-Canel and other leaders..

During the visit Raul spoke with the workers of the entity, 32% of them are women. He was interested in their working conditions, the number of shifts they perform, the educational level of workers and the number of years they have been working there. He also asked on the necessary and important relationship between this company and the University of the territory.

At the end of the tour, the Army General expressed his impression of this visit in a giant poster recalling the words the historical leader of the Revolution wrote when inaugurating the company. At that time Fidel expressed: “The impression the plant and the collective leaves in us is unforgettable”. Now Raul wrote: “Here we must not add anything else, just go ahead and of course I agree with what Fidel said. I congratulate you! ‘

Taken from Granma newspaper