New Works for Havana Anniversary

Havana enlists to celebrate its 500th birthday.

HAVANA, Cuba.- When there are only a few days left before Havana reaches its half-millennium, the commitment to complete the planned works in time and with quality is great, as many of them will contribute to the local development of the municipalities where they are located.

Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the capital and Reinaldo Garcia Zapata, President of the Government in the province, checked this Sunday the march in repairing facilities of the so-called Green Belt of Havana.

The common denominator of these emblematic sites is that they must not only provide financing to the municipality where they are located, but also generate other development projects.

The highest authorities in Havana also visited the Las Palmitas Ranchon, a finished work located in the vicinity of Rio Cristal gastronomic-recreational complex, in Boyeros.