Havana, Cuba.- Cuba’s Council of State examined various issues on the country’s legislative schedule, in particular the Family Code bill with a view to the next popular referendum.

According to a statement posted on the Parliament’s website, the Minister of Justice, Oscar Silvera, spoke about the results of the referendum on the bill, the entirety of which more than 61 percent of the participants were in favor of.

During a meeting held on Monday, in which President Diaz-Canel was present, the authorities analyzed relevant aspects of the Family Code, prior to its debate and discussion at the 9th Ordinary Period of Sessions of the National Assembly of the Parliament.

Members of the drafting commission specified that they expanded on aspects such as “the express recognition of care as a right, the extension of the protection of girls, boys and adolescents in exceptional situations and disasters, and the reinforcement of urgent protection before the discrimination and violence”, as well as the intertwining of the principle of the best interests of children and adolescents and their assessment guidelines with the duties that assist them.

The members of the drafting commission stressed that a percentage of the changes made in the bill constitute improvements in the wording, reformulation of statements, breakdown into subsections, changes of letters, among others, to achieve greater understanding and comprehension of the text.

The head of Justice also pointed out that the date for the referendum and the questions that will be presented to voters have already been approved by Parliament.

The Minister of Justice, Oscar Silvera, noted that more than twenty laws and 79 decree laws have been approved since the proclamation of the Constitution of the Republic in 2019, and added that 22 laws and eight decree laws will be approved in 2022; and that all the Transitory Provisions of the Constitution of the Republic will be fulfilled with the holding of the referendum on the Family Code.