Twenty-fourth Sao Paulo Forum, 2018.

HAVANA, Cuba.- With the presence of the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, continues the plenary dedicated to Fidel, at the Twenty-fourth Sao Paulo Forum, which since July 15 takes place at the Convention Palace of Havana.

The event reserved for today, as a special moment, the homage to Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro, architect of the mechanism of consultation with former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva.

The presidents of Bolivia, Evo Morales, of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and Salvador Sanchez Ceren, of El Salvador also attend the plenary.

The Sao Paulo Forum, which concludes this Tuesday, dedicated space for discussions and analysis of the battle against colonialism and anti-imperialist solidarity, as well as the need for regional unity and integration to face the onslaught of the right.

Latin American Left Still Standing

The meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum in Havana takes place at a crucial moment for the fate of our people, their hopes for a better life, progress and peace, Salvadoran President Salvador Sanchez Ceren said.

He added this meeting is an opportunity to strengthen confidence and optimism in the fighting capabilities of the leftist forces of Latin America and the Caribbean, and draw the necessary experiences in the good of unity in confronting the neoliberal oligarchy that seeks to perpetuate its privileges.

We continue to stand, the President of El Salvador emphasized, in his speech in the plenary dedicated to the thought of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

We are heirs to a legacy of centuries of struggle, an inexhaustible source of experiences that confirm that a better world is possible, for which we work, Sanchez Ceren remarked.

Fidel’s Idea: More Necessary than Ever

In this challenging situation that prevails in Latin America, the thought and example of Comrade Fidel Castro are more effective and necessary, Salvadoran President Salvador Sanchez Ceren reaffirmed in Havana.

When everything seemed adverse to progressive forces, Fidel and Lula da Silva founded the meeting we now call the Sao Paulo Forum, a powerful movement in favor of the wide convergence for unity in fighting neoliberalism.

Fidel’s vision and commitment to create awareness of Latin American unity will continue to lead us towards the future of integration he called to, with the strength of his ideas, his unwavering morals and perseverance, Sanchez Ceren said.

He said that the most urgent challenge is to continue in the progressive advance, using all our experiences, conquering with our ideas all the spaces of struggle and debate.

Revolutions Are Made with the People

The best homage to Fidel is the unity of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, and not to surrender or doubt our revolutionary principles, Bolivian President Evo Morales assured when speaking in the special plenary dedicated to Fidel, as part of the Twenty-fourth Sao Paulo Forum.

Morales recalled when at the beginning of the century, even without being president, he asked the Commander-in-Chief how the Revolution was made, and where the weapons were bought, and he replied: Revolutions are made with the people.

The Bolivian President referred to Fidel’s solidarity with the nations of the world, which as he said, is to share the little we have, not what we have left.

He also talked about the Sao Paulo Forum, the military interventions and aggression of organizations such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, with the sole objective of mastering natural resources.

The Unity of Diversity Is the Main Strength

When intervening in the closing day of the Twenty-fourth meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, highlighted that the main strength to overcome is the unity of diversity.

He greeted the presidents and leaders of people, Parties and social movements of the left, to highlight the role of the Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and former president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva.

Nicolas Maduro recalled that when the unipolar world was imposed and seemed the end of history, the Sao Paulo Forum emerged, which is the genesis of integration mechanisms such as PetroCaribe, UNASUR, ALBA and CELAC.

The Venezuelan head of State expressed his solidarity with Solidarity with the Sandinista Front, with President Daniel Ortega and the people of Nicaragua, as well as his firm conviction that peace will won.