Havana, Cuba.- The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba reiterated that the existing provisions on the customs clearance of travellers, and their belongings have not been changed.

The collection of tariffs for the importation of goods is a international practice and these provisions are those appearing in our website and on our social networking sites on the Internet, adds the note published in the digital portal of the institution.

It underscored that the Web Portal is the official site of information of the provisions and procedures in force and those not published there that circulate in any way are worthless, so it suggest users to always look for the information they need there.

It is also important to be aware of the facts and not to echo information promoted to confuse and create uncertainty in those who travel to and from Cuba.

It also reaffirms that, as has been and is customary, Cuban Customs will always inform in advance, by all the means at its disposal, of any update they may undergo.

The announcement of the Customs is made in view of the increase in the circulation of erroneous and malicious information announcing alleged changes in the provisions in force on the customs clearance of travellers and their belongings, in particular the elimination of the payment in CUP in the first yearly importation by people living in Cuba, which is totally untrue.