Fidel unescoParis, France.-The second Week of Latin America and the Caribbean scheduled in the UNESCO for May 2017, will dedicate a special segment to the thought, life and work of Fidel Castro,

The UNESCO Latin American and Caribbean Group (Grulac) agreed to organize the tribute to Fidel Castro in the event for May 2017, as part o0f the multiple initiatives developed in the world, to pay tribute to Fidel Castro, historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

In the Grulac meeting, several ambassadors and permanent delegates highlighted the significance and legacy of the thought of Fidel Castro for the region and the rest of the world.

Among them, the Ecuadorian Ambassador to Unesco, Galo Mora, referred to the significance of the work of the Cuban leader, that he considered immortal.

For his part, the Ambassador of Cuba, Dulce Buergo, highlighted how in the thought and work of the Cuban leader, the main principles of the Unesco are evidenced, in the priority granted by the Cuban Revolution to education, science and culture.