Russia supports Syria in its anti-terror offensive
MOSCOW, Russia.- Russian Chancellor Sergey Lavrov defended the Syrian Army operation in Idlib, saying it is due to serious violations of the Sochi agreements, and highlighted that Moscow supports Syrian actions against unacceptable provocations in that region.

The Chancellor of the Eurasian country indicated the Syrian Army responds to provocative actions in the Idlib area, and to attacks on the Syrian Armed Forces, civilian facilities and the Russian airbase in Hmeimim.

Moreover, Lavrov has made it clear that under these aforementioned Sochi pacts, terrorists cannot be part of ceasefire or cessation in any way.

Both Russia and Syria have repeatedly clarified that the Syrian operation in Idlib – the last feud of extremists in the Arab country – confronts the provocations of terrorists and their continued violation of the aforementioned pact.