Rome, Italy.- The National Association of Italy-Cuba Friendship (ANAIC) highlighted the high level of specialization of the 52 Cuban health professionals who recently arrived in Italy to collaborate in the fight against Covid-19.

In a statement issued upon the arrival of the medical brigade to the city of Milan on an Alitalia flight from Havana, ANAIC stressed the ability of its members to deal with emergency situations such as the current one.

According to the text, Cuba has a long experience of collaboration and solidarity with other countries, recognized worldwide even by the World Health Organization, and cites as examples the aid provided to Haiti in 2010 against cholera and in 2014 to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea against the Ebola virus.

In the words of the National Coordinator of Cuban Residents in Italy (Conaci), ‘our land does not offer what it has left over, our nation shares what it has.’

The group of 36 doctors, 15 graduates in nursing and a logistics specialist, will conduct their work in the field hospital built in Crema, a city of about 34 thousand inhabitants located in the province of Cremona, in Lombardy, the region hardest hit by the epidemic.