Havana, Cuba.- The measures announced this Tuesday by the United States government are limited, declared the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez.

“These measures seek to create divisions within Cuban society, while the United States government finances disinformation operations to hold the Cuban government responsible for the severe damage caused to the Cuban people for 65 years,” he asserted.

Shortly before, at a press conference, the deputy director general of the United States directorate of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex), Johana Tablada, stated: “They [the U.S. government] intend to turn the private sector, in a capricious way, into an agent in favor of change.” “What they want here is nothing more than regime change.”

The United States Department of the Treasury announced this Tuesday measures to supposedly “facilitate” Internet access in Cuba and financing for the non-state sector of the Caribbean nation’s economy.

The decision implies entry into programs, mobile application stores, social networks, videoconferencing, educational, automatic translation platforms, maps and cloud content, among others, which until now were banned in Cuba as part of Washington’s hostile policy toward the island.

Another determination is the transfer of funds originating and destined for the United States, revoked during the mandate of Republican President Donald Trump and which makes it easier for its banks to manage remittances and payments from citizens on the island.