medicos-peru7Piura, Peru.-Specialists from the Cuban medical brigade working in solidarity in this northern Peruvian city, affected by major floods, began today to reinforce the field hospital installed to take care of the victims.

The head of the brigade, Rolando Piloto, told Prensa Latina that three general practitioners, a pediatrician, an intensivist clinician and five graduates in nursing were assigned that mission.

The rest of the brigade and epidemiological staff, he said, have been regrouped and distributed in three of the five shelters that house thousands of victims.

The ones who are in shelters are families left homeless by floods and Cuban health professionals provide health care in these camps.

Piloto said that the three groups are located in shelters called 980, San Pablo and El Pedregal, which concentrate the largest number of evacuees and where sanitary conditions are at risk.