Beijing, China.- China and Cuba highlighted here the strength of their traditional friendship, reciprocal support and the willingness to expand mutually beneficial cooperation, commemorating the 59th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations.

Both countries celebrated the date on an evening that was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang, senior government officials and local organizations, plus ambassadors accredited here.

During the activity, the uninterrupted progress of the links since its establishment on September 28, 1960 was reviewed, while a video showed the different exchanges between top authorities of the two states and the result of cooperation in areas such as human resources training , renewable energy and biotechnology.

The Cuban ambassador, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, assured links between the communist parties, governments and peoples were constantly strengthened and now enjoy a stage of maturity and integrality.

‘The political dialogue at the highest level and the frequent exchange of experiences in the construction of socialism, according to the characteristics of each country, reflect the solid mutual trust that exists,’ he said.

He considered it an honor for the island to grant the Friendship Medal to the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raúl Castro, for his 70 years as the Chinese Republic, because the gesture confirms that they are friendly nations, good comrades and good siblings.

Among other issues, he reiterated his gratitude for the strong support of the Asian giant in the fight against the financial, economic and commercial blockade imposed by the United States, main obstacle to the development of the Antillean territory.

Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang called both governments good friends, colleagues and brothers who developed long-term ties and built them into a close fraternity thanks to frequent high-level visits.

‘China and Cuba are a paradigm for cooperation from developing countries. Our friendship and relationships pass from generation to generation with renewed vitality. Moreover, in 59 years it has not only benefited both peoples but has also played a role in promoting peace, development and stability in the region, ‘he said.

Zeguang recalled mutual support on sensitive issues, the joint defense of their respective interests and international justice, as well as the rejection of hegemony.

He also referred to the visit last November of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, his meeting with his Chinese peer, Xi Jinping; and to Beijing’s willingness to implement without delay the consensus of both leaders to further promote political confidence, broaden cooperation and exchanges in various fields.

China is the second largest trading partner of the Caribbean nation and in 2017, the commercial volume exceeded two billion dollars.