In the face of Covid-19, Cuba strengthens control measures

Cuba strengthens control measures against Covid-19. Photo: Yoanny Duardo Guevara.

HAVANA, Cuba.- “The Cuban Technical Group is working on the design for the introduction of new control measures for the arrival of people from areas of risk around the world, and epidemiological surveillance is strengthened to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus,” Jose Raul de Armas, head of the Department of Communicable Diseases of the Ministry of Public Health.

De Armas noted that the country has 11 confirmed cases with Covid-19, all have their source of infection outside the island or in people who entered from abroad.

The expert said there are 356 patients in hospitals, including 101 foreigners detected as suspects, all in good health.

The head of the Department of Communicable Diseases said that, in view of the level of transmission and introduction of the new coronavirus in the country – so far – there is no need to close the border.

Surveillance System

The head of MINSAP’s Communicable Diseases Department, Jose Raul de Armas, explained Cuba has structured a surveillance system based on the detection of suspicious Covid-19 cases.

The specialist added that when a person has a respiratory symptomatology, and comes from a risky and in-transmission area, or is contact of a diagnosed patient, he or she is considered suspicious, and once identified is isolated and an epidemiological study is performed, i.e. the contacts he or he has had in the last 14 days.

They, De Armas explained, have a clinical evaluation and if any appear with symptomatology, that person is isolated in the institutions and if not, the family doctor monitors her or him in the health area.

The expert said the operation of the transfer of the passengers of British cruiser MS Braemar was successful.