Havana, Cuba.- President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Friday praised the contribution from Cuba’s scientific community to fight Covid-19.

‘For our scientists is today’s applause too,’ the president asked on his Twitter account to highlight the efforts of workers in that sector who, like health professionals, deserve the acknowledgement of society on May 1.

The head of State shared a report about Thursday’s meeting with public health and scientific experts from several sectors, who discussed the results of a multidisciplinary study on the relationship between climate and the trends of the novel coronavirus.

In that regard, the director of the Institute of Meteorology, Dr. Celso Pazos Alberdi, referred to studies that show that there is no evidence of a possible reduction in Covid-19 contagions under conditions of high temperature and relative humidity.

Participants at the meeting also debated the strategies implemented in Cuba to prevent patients from evolving into serious forms of the disease.

They also noted the possibilities of Cuban medications to strengthen people’s immune system, like the CIGB2020 vaccine candidate and the Cuban vaccine against meningitis Va-Mengoc BC.