Havana, Cuba.- For the sixth consecutive day, the number of recoveries from Covid-19 exceeds active cases, and now rises to 1,031, detailed this Thursday the Ministry of Public Health. Active cases reach 623 today, 615 of these patients, representing 98.7 percent present a stable clinical evolution, Dr. Francisco Duran, national director of Epidemiology, indicated on his daily press briefing.

The physician explained that on Wednesday 1, 965 people were tested for the SARS-Cov-2 virus, 26 of them were positive.

One of the situations the expert alerted is those asymptomatic cases, which this time occupies 61.5 percent, that is, 16 of the 26 cases reported today.

The authorities reiterated the need for personal self-responsibility and extreme care for sanitary measures and isolation in order not to be infected again by the novel coronavirus.

After two days without reporting deaths, is Thursday, Dr. Duran offered his condolences to four families, amounting to 73 deaths in total.

Cuba has 1,729 Covid-19 cases so far, five are in critical condition and three are serious.