Havana, Cuba.- Still in a pre-epidemic phase, the Cuban government is applying various measures to cut the spread of the coronavirus, which already totals 40 positive cases in Cuba.

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero and other ministers informed of the new decisions on the television and radio stations, in addition to others that were announced last week, including border regulation, which came into effect at midnight Monday.

Due to the border restriction, only Cuban residents may enter the national territory, although commercial and other cooperation activities in the face of the pandemic will continue at the airports.

As part of a vast national program in the face of the situation, the Prime Minister announced the suspension of classes for the next three weeks, which turns into a month, accounting for the school break in the fourth week. Lessons will subsequently be resumed on Monday, April 20th.

Kindergartens will remain in service, although with severe sanitary regulations.

Likewise, Marrero reported the suspension of interprovincial trips, when some 22 thousand people move on average between the Cuba’s provinces on a daily basis. ‘These are 22 thousand risks moving,’ he warned.

The decision covers land, sea and air transport, including transportation by private means. There will be solutions for those who have to move for health and other specific reasons, he said.

He warned that the situation of urban transport is being evaluated, since some two million Cubans commute to and from nearby cities and towns.

Marrero warned of sectors where there is no real perception of danger from the expansion of Covid-19.

In this regard, he underlined the need to avoid public congestion and on this, he listed provisions in food and other product sales centers.

The minister also announced that there will be a gradual increase in police presence and control to ensure compliance with measures intended to ‘save lives’ when the epidemic continues to expand in the world and take lives.

He also mentioned decisions about tourism, which has been significantly affected by the situation, taking into account there are still foreign tourists in the country.

Marrero said that tourists are being transferred from hostels and private houses to hotels, where medical presence and greater control are assured.

He indicated that those who remain in private houses must comply with the isolation, and added that all excursions have been suspended.