Diaz-Canel insists on acting with cooperation, discipline and responsibility

The direction of the country closely follows the situation of the Covid-19.

HAVANA, Cuba.- Faced with the complex scenario imposed on the country by COVID-19, the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez confirmed on Monday afternoon the need to act with cooperation, discipline and responsibility, both by the population and by all the institutions working on the confrontation with the pandemic.

In the daily meeting headed with Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, and which discusses in detail the context that the island lives with the new coronavirus, the Head of State underlined the importance of be honest on the part of the population when the research is done and that they actually say the symptoms they have and also the situation in which anyone is in the house, so as not to hide information.

We have the regrettable cases, the Cuban President emphasized, of some of the patients who have entered in serious or critical phases, or even died, in which they did not provide timely information and, therefore, when the disease was detected it was already an advanced moment, where procedures and treatments are less effective. We are in a struggle to save people’s lives and to prevent the disease from spreading, he highlighted.

As another essential element to be taken into account by all health institutions and all the management systems in each of the territories, Diaz-Canel emphasized the principle of that every suspect, all contact, every person with symptoms, remains admitted to hospital.

Isolating all those people, who are potentially sick or carriers, is the most effective way we have to control the spread of the disease, he valued.

In a scenario in which all the provinces of the country and Isla de la Juventud Special Municipality report confirmed cases to the new coronavirus, the Minister of Public Health, Jose Angel Portal Miranda pointed out that until this Sunday of the total of patients admitted for the care and surveillance of COVID-19, both in hospitals and in the different isolation centers created for the monitoring of contacts, 1 172 classify as suspects and 321 of the confirmed patients remain in hospitals.

Portal Miranda also explained that 2,770 people, including 56 children and 2,714 adults, are in 71 isolation centers for quarantined travelers. He added that 57 patients with some respiratory symptomatology have so far been identified and referred to hospitals from those centers.

Commenting on the realization of 1138 rapid tests for the diagnosis of COVID-19 at the end of April l5, the Minister of Public Health reiterated that the PCR is the definitive analysis to confirm or remove the suspicion of the disease.

The meeting, also attended by the Second Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura,; Vice-President Salvador Valdes Mesa; and Deputy Prime Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda, emphasized again the importance of conducting researches in communities increasingly objective and with higher quality.

Following up on the Plan for the Prevention and Control of the new coronavirus in the country, the Minister of Domestic Trade, Betsy Diaz Velazquez, commented on the work of the sector in the face of the new scenario, which has required changing ways of doing in everyday work

Taking into account the call of the highest direction of the country to promote social isolation and responsible conduct, and in the face of the fact that for various reasons, extensive lines of people to get products persist in different establishments, Diaz Velazquez pointed out some of the measures taken.

In this sense, the Minister pf Domestic Trade explained some decisions such as starting the sale of the standard toilet module, which is already carried out in all territories, except in Santi Spiritus where it must begin this week; ensuring that all cash registers are working, with priority for food and toiletries and hygiene; separating physically the sale of meat and toilet products; limiting sales in large markets and walk areas and enhance the neighborhood’s shopping network; streamline e-commerce in virtual stores and home sales; and replenishing products at night or outside business hours at different sales entities.

In addition, during the meeting they evaluated the actions carried out by the Provincial Defense Council in Camaguey where, from the implementation of the measures indicated by the country, stability and vitality have been maintained in the 13 Municipal Defense Councils of the territory.

Among other priority tasks there, together with the confrontation of the new coronavirus, the services of family care, the quality of the research and the urgent need to enhance food production were highlighted.