Diaz-Canel appears before international press at Sancti Spiritus
SANCTI SPIRITUS, Cuba.- Be sure that we will not give up, nor will we let ourselves be dishonored, nor will we kneel, the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, told to the national and foreign press accompanying the government visit to Sancti Spiritus this Thursday.

At one point in Diaz-Canel’s night tour of the city, the group of reporters interviewed him at the National Bus Terminal, where he had come to see the modern building.

Faced with a CNN question about the possibility of Donald Trump’s re-election, the Cuban President reiterated that we are open to dialogue with the United States, that we may have a civilized relationship, as Army General Raul Castro Ruz put it. But it has to be on the basis of equals, they have to respect our sovereignty, and self-determination, the Head of State asserted.

Diaz-Canel denounced the ridiculous way in which the United States almost every week applies a sanction against the island and then uses a manipulative language, saying it is to help the Cuban people, on the contrary, does not help either people.

We remain in serenity, amid complex situations, they have tried to cut off our fuel supplies, but people remain committed. That’s the way, that’s how we Cubans are, the Cuban President assured.