Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.- Preparations for the 28th edition of the International Book Fair are capturing the central city’s attention because the event will be held here from March 27th to 31st.

According to Duniesky Contreras, director of the Provincial Book and Literature Center, there will be seven selling points around the downtown Serafin Sanchez Park.

We have stamped books and the classic Once Upon a Time -compendium of children’s stories-, as well as cooking books and dictionaries, much requested by readers, he explained.

It also politico-social, scientific research and dissemination books will be displayed; besides, a representation of most national and territorial publishers, he concluded.

The Luminaria publishing house -of this territory- will provide to the public volumes such as Canto de luna roja; Oficio de hormigas y Voces de la Republica by a collective of authors.

The latter is a compilation of the best research presented at that event, the only one of its kind in the country, sponsored by the Sancti Spiritus branch of Jose Marti Cultural Society.

Noelio Ramos, director of this editorial said so to the press, which will make available to the public their offers in the central Oscar Fernandez-Morera Art Gallery of this fourth town founded in 1514 by the Spanish conquerors.

The 28th edition of the International Book Fair was held in Havana from February 7 to 17.

The guest country of honor was the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. The Fair not only paid tribute to the work of Cuban writer Eduardo Heras Leon but also celebrated the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana.

The fair will conclude on April 14, in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, after being held in other provinces.