lat amNew York, United States.-Cuba said that Latin America and the Caribbean is an inspiration for other regions in nuclear disarmament at the United Nations in an event for the 50th year of the Tlatelolco agreement.

Cuban permanent representative at UN Anayansi Rodriguez said that this organization was the first to declare this highly populated region free of nuclear weapons.

‘Cuba is proud of its contribution to nuclear disarmament and defense of the international peace and security’, said Rodriguez at the event, which was opened on Monday by a meeting called by UN to negotiate a bounding agreement seeking to ban the use of nuclear weapons.

Rodriguez also said that this region was the first to be declared zone of peace during the second summit of the Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), held in Havana, Cuba in January, 2014.

According to Rodriguez, despite the achievements reached in Latin America and the Caribbean the concerns have not disappeared, given the presence of nuclear weapons in other regions in the world.