President of Cuba checks agreements of Congress of FEU
HAVANA, Cuba.- The President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez systematically checks compliance with the agreements from the 9th Congress of the University Student Federation (FEU), held in July 2018.

Some days before, the Cuban President attended the plenary of the organization, where he emphasized that university students are always present in all battles, with their proposals for solutions for the country to be improved.

Jose Angel Fernandez Castaneda, National President of FEU, reported that the follow-up of the agreements approved by students, based on the post-congress strategy, is a priority during the current course.

Of the 158 agreements adopted at the 9th FEU Congress, more than 80 have been completed, 20 are in process, and 46 are of the continuing nature.

They Check Congressional Agreements

Jose Angel Fernandez Castaneda, President of FEU, explained the reduction of fare to students in public transportation was applied, and pending checks were fulfilled.

It was recalled that students using the inter-provincial bus transport service, and have excess of baggage, pay one percent of the value of the overweight when dispatching it.

When Diaz-Canel asked about the impact among students of the agreements adopted, including radio and television programs, the President of FEU explained they are having an audience and acceptance.

The student leader pointed out that the 9th Congress not only abides by the agreements adopted at the time, but that new issues have been incorporated into the work of the organization.