World Peace Council condemns sanctions against CubaBRAZILIA, Brazil.- In a short video sent to Prensa Latina office in this city, the World Peace Council reiterated this Monday its condemnation of the blockade and new sanctions imposed by the United States against Cuba seeking to destroy the Revolution.

The Council´s President, Brazilian pacifist Socorro Gomes, denounces that Trump is implementing Title III of the Helms-Burton Act to strangle the Cuban economy and install suffering and chaos.

Gomes says this would be impossible because the Cuban Revolution is 60 years old facing a genocidal blockade from the United States and it keeps its flag of self-determination, self-defense of the sovereign and Socialist state.

The President of the World Peace Council reiterates her outrage at America’s criminal attitude trying to destroy a sovereign nation that lives in peace and seeks to distribute for all the riches of its people.


(With information from Press Latina)