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July 3rd, 2019

3 July, 2019 Venezuela Reiterates Its Diplomacy Is of Peace

The official tour recently carried out by Venezuelan Chancellor Jorge Arreaza in different countries of Europe, ratified the total validity of peace diplomacy and the dialogue approach promoted by the Bolivarian Executive.

3 July, 2019 US Makes Public Sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela

The U.S. government put Cubametales Cuban Company on its unilateral list of entities sanctioned for ties with Venezuela, due to the continued import of oil from the South American country, the Treasury Department announced.

3 July, 2019 China Devotes Large Resources to Disaster Recovery

The People’s Republic of China announced the delivery of $30 million to fund the recovery of several provinces ravaged by droughts, floods and other natural disasters since the beginning of the year.

3 July, 2019 National Council of FEEM Meets

Roberto Morales Ojeda, Vice-President of the Councils of State and Ministers, attends the sessions of the National Council of Cuba’s High-School Students Federation (FEEM) in this capital.

3 July, 2019 Cuban Chancellor Thanks UN for Support

Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez thanked this Wednesday the United Nations for its support in the recovery of Havana after the tornado of last January, in a meeting with the coordinator in Cuba of that entity, Consuelo Vidal-Bruce.