Etiqueta: Measures
16 September, 2019 Young Cubans ratify support for measures to save energy

Cuban Young Communist League Secretary Susely Morfa ratified the youth’s willingness to support the measures adopted, given the current energy situation in the country, local media reported on Sunday.

12 September, 2019 Growing US hostility forces Cuba to take contingency measures

Faced with growing hostility and hardened blockade by the US administration, the Cuban Government has been forced to take short-term measures to cope with what amounts to an all-out economic war, President Miguel Diaz-Canel explained in a nationally televised appearance.

19 July, 2019 People in US Criticize Measures against Cuba

One of the serious measures taken by the Donald Trump Administration against the Cuban people is the closure of the U.S. consulate in Havana and the Cuban consulate in Washington.

16 July, 2019 UK Is Called to Act against US Anti-Cuba Measures

Cuban residents in the United Kingdom condemned the new escalation of sanctions by the United States against Cuba, and called on the British Government to comply with its own laws against Washington”s extraterritorial measures.

12 July, 2019 Cuba Calls for Joint Work to Implement Economic Measures

The Head of the Permament Commission for the Economic Implementation and Development of Cuba, Marino Murillo, called Thursday to reach for more participation of the national entities and institutions, while the process for implementation of the different socio-economic guidelines is taking place in Cuba.