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13 September, 2019 Shortage of diesel will not stagnate Cuba, Gov’t asserts

Despite hurting the steel and cement industries, two big fuel consumers, the shortage of diesel caused by hardened US hostility, Cuba will not stagnate, Economy Minister Alejandro Gil assured the nation in a televised appearance.

27 May, 2019 Cuba Supports a ‘Sovereign’ Dialogue bt. Venezuelan Gov’t, Opposition

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said on Monday that Havana will encourage any dialogue between the Government of Nicolas Maduro and the opposition that promotes ”absolutely sovereign agreements” among Venezuelans to resolve the crisis, referring to the incipient process in Oslo.

18 October, 2018 Effects of U.S. Gov’t Restrictions to Travel to Cuba Denounced

The low attendance of U.S. delegates to the ABOGACIA 2018 International Congress is the product of the traveling restrictions imposed by the U.S. government to the citizens who want to go to Cuba, said on Wednesday in this capital the organizers of the Cuban event .

31 July, 2018 Cuba, Colombia Govt. Discuss Peace Process with ELN Guerilla

Foreign Ministers of Cuba and Colombia, Bruno Rodriguez and Maria Angela Holguin, respectively, discussed the peace process with the National Liberation Army (ELN) in Havana, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today.