Etiqueta: Caribbean
18 March, 2020 Cuba’s Altruistic Gesture

From one side of the boat, several people hold a sign: “I love you Cuba,” the legend says, written in red ink.

29 May, 2019 Cuba for Greater Complementarity with the Caribbean

Cuba has a comprehensive strategy for greater complementarity with Caribbean nations that includes issues inherent to foreign trade, cooperation and foreign investment, an authorized source revealed today.

5 February, 2019 Puello, Caribbean Baseball and Cuba

A few days ago, Cuba expressed its desire and interest to host the Caribbean Baseball Series in 2020 or 2021; however, this request will be stored for a long time, as long as the US keeps its blockade policy against the Caribbean island.

22 January, 2019 Cuban Soccer Confirms Presence in Caribbean Tournament

The president of the Cuban Football Association (AFC), Luis Hernandez, confirmed the presence of a team from the island in the second edition of the Caribbean Club Shield tournament, qualifier for the Concacaf League.

19 July, 2018 Left Wing Is Still Struggling in Latin America and Caribbean

Amid an offensive by the right wing with its neoliberal policies and the stepping up of hegemonic stance of the United States, progressive and left-wing forces from Latin America and the Caribbean noted here that they are still struggling.

25 May, 2017 The Caribbean Outstands in Cruise Activity

The International Cruise Line Association reported that nearly twenty-six million travelers from all over the world would enjoy this year of excursions aboard cruise ships.