Etiqueta: Bayamo
14 October, 2019 Crucible of Cuban Nationality in Cubanness Festival

The twenty-seventh edition of the theoretical event titled Crucible of Cuban Nationality, begins next Thursday in Bayamo as part of the program of the Cuban festival to be held in this eastern city.

30 September, 2019 Machado Ventura Visits Agricultural Complexes in Granma

The Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, toured agricultural productive complex of the municipalities of Bayamo, Jiguani, Yara and Manzanillo, in Granma province.

10 May, 2019 Cuba Will Go Ahead

The second government visit to Granma was paid at a particularly complex time for the country, because we have a rhetorical approach of the United States for Cuba, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez said this Thursday in Bayamo.

18 October, 2018 24th Cuban Identity Festival Opens in Bayamo

Historians and artists from the most diverse cultural expressions are participating in the 24th Cuban Identity Festival, which opened in Bayamo, the capital of eastern Granma province, on Wednesday, to celebrate the National Culture Day. As every year, the event takes place in Bayamo, and the program includes about 230 activities related to music, theater, dance, visual arts, cinema, literature and photography, among others.

24 July, 2018 Granma Commemorates July 26 Exploit

BAYAMO, Cuba. – The city of Bayamo welcomes today the provincial commemoration of Granma for the Day of National Rebellion, as it was one of the venues of July 26 exploit. The ceremony will be held in the former Carlos Manuel de Cespedes barracks, now Nico Lopez Park Museum, which celebrates its four decades and […]

17 February, 2018 They Prepare Gala to Homage Perucho Figueredo

The National Anthem Square in Bayamo, province of Granma, is being prepared to a gala next Saturday for the bicentennial of Pedro Figueredo Cisneros, Perucho, the author of the warrior march La Bayamesa.

9 February, 2018 To Die for the Nation is to Live

Tall, elegant, refined cultivated, with a sweet and smiling mood, but also dominant and authoritative, Pedro Figueredo Cisneros —whom colleagues and friends called Perucho— left a positive imprint on the Cuban and universal culture.

8 February, 2018 Ramiro Valdes Visits Works in Progress in Granma

Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez toured several works in progress at Granma province, as well as a production center of construction materials, and checked the march of housing programs.

10 October, 2017 Raul Presided Homage to Cespedes and Mariana Grajales

On the anniversary 149 of the beginning of the War of Independence, Army General Raul Castro presided over in Santiago de Cuba the solemn burial ceremony of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes´s and Mariana Grajales´s remains in mausoleums located now in the patrimonial area of Santa Iphigenia Cemetery.

7 July, 2017 Minister of Agriculture Goes Through Granma Centers

Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero, minister of Agriculture, held this Friday an exchange with workers from Trece de Marzo and Emilio Jardin basic units of cooperative production, at Bejuquero, Bayamo.

19 May, 2017 Homage to Jose Marti on the Anniversary of his Death

Floral offerings from Cuban President Raul Castro Ruz, the Council of State and Ministers and the people of Cuba were deposited this Friday morning in the Mausoleum to national hero Jose Marti in Santiago de Cuba Cemetery.