Havana, Cuba.- Different delegations of member countries of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) highlighted at the preparatory meeting of the Council of Ministers in Guatemala, Cuba’s active and constructive role within the consultation and cooperation body.

Rodolfo Benítez, general director of Multilateral Affairs and International Law of Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that reports presented referred to the promotion of Cuba to the Caribbean Union and cooperation projects of common benefit.

Segments of previous analyses focused on attention to climate change, sandy coasts, early warning systems, climate migration, and corals.

Other topics addressed were forced migration, community participation, risk analysis and management, public-private partnerships, inclusion of vulnerable groups, green and blue economy.

ACS members, as well as actors from the international community, also participate in this event with the motto For a better world for our Caribbean with the firm purpose of integration.

The participants seek to strengthen alliances and strategic lines between cooperating sources, obtain funds for sustainable projects, and move towards an inclusive and sustainable transformation of the area.

As head of the 2022-2023 pro tempore presidency of the ACS Council of Ministers, Guatemala aspires to arrange the different windows of opportunities.