Brasilia, Brazil.- Social movements, parties and associations of the Baixada Santista, a region of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, condemned in their solidarity convention the U.S. blockade that overwhelms Cuba today more than ever.

In a final letter, the forum recalls that the policy of hostilities of the previous administration of Donald Trump in the United States implemented, starting in 2017, unprecedented measures and actions against the Cuban people.

The missive denounces that that administration applied more than 240 measures aimed at intensifying the economic siege that, not even during the Covid-19 pandemic, was attenuated.

On the contrary, it points out, “a policy of resentment and hatred of the United States against Cuba prevailed, which sought to increase the economic problems of the people of the island so that they would rise up against the Revolution”.

However, the text refers, once again the attempt was defeated. “The high degree of revolutionary consciousness of the Cuban people overcomes the difficulties imposed by the blockade”, it argues.

The convention indicates that Washington always fears the “socialist paradigm of national and popular sovereignty” of Cuba, “whose social achievements guaranteed by its Revolution, extend and serve as an example throughout the Patria Grande”.

In view of such reality, the content points out, “they use all the media arsenal they control to spread lies about the Revolution and its achievements”.

Therefore, the Brazilian movement ratifies that “we are in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution. Defending it from the interference of U.S. imperialism also means defending the sovereignty of all the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean”.

He warns that all our countries, with the exception of the Caribbean island, are victims of an imperial policy that wants to keep us in a dependent and, in a certain sense, colonial condition.

“Cuba is a lighthouse that points the way to what Latin America can be and will certainly be”, he points out.

Defending Cuba, finally stresses the convention, “being in solidarity with the struggle of its people and with an experience of socialist construction unique in our continent, is also a way of defending Brazil”.