New York, United States.-The solidarity movement with Cuba in New York and New Jersey is preparing actions to demand the lifting of the US blockade against the island of Cuba, said activist Frank Vergara here Tuesday.

In his statements to Prensa Latina, Vergara, coordinator of the solidarity movement, said that activities to accompany a new vote against the US economic, commercial and financial blockade in the United Nations, will be in the center of the campaign.

The UN General Assembly will hold a debate on the initiative that is after the stop of the unilateral and extra-territorial sanctions by Washington against Cuba in the beginnings of November.

Since 1992, the vote for the stop of the blockade, has received a categorical support from progressive forces, until it reached the vote in favor of 191 out of the 193 member countries of the organization.

According to with the activist, the movement of solidarity with Cuba takes as a priority to incorporate more young people in the United States into the efforts to defeat the blockade and to impel the support to the Cuban Revolution.

Vergara warned that the arrival to the White House of Republican President Donald Trump constitutes an additional challenge, from its announcement of recrudesce the blockade and of reverting advances in the bilateral relations, achieved in the last two years of the previous administration led by Barack Obama.