Matanzas, Cuba.- Working to end superficiality and call for more rigor to fulfill every business activity are topics that have been analyzed in this western Cuban territory, as part of the 14th National Internal Control Verification.

As Chief Province Comptroller Carmen Elsa Alfonso said at the 14th National Internal Control Verification in Matanzas, 21 companies were evaluated, eight of which belonged to the agricultural sector, six to the Ministry of Food Industry, and four to the tourism sector.

Of 21 inspected firms, nine were qualified as deficient; three others were described as bad with deficiencies due to the non-compliance of its production plans, wrong profit distribution, and the high default chain, she said.

Alfonso noted that one of the main goals of this process in Matanzas is the verification of the implementation of all 43 measures to improve the Socialist State Enterprise, as well as 63 measures to boost food production in the agricultural sector, with remarkable deficiencies regarding fulfillment.

The comptroller added that these results show an unfavorable situation as progress has not been made according to plan, most enterprises lack total autonomy due to administration and there are recurrent resource management difficulties.

In sectors such as agriculture and the food industry, the insufficient training of some directors, the inadequate interpretation of regulations, the unfulfillment of tasks, pending payment, and the instability of cadres are aspects that bring about bad results, she pointed out.

This official commented that there is a whole different situation in the Ministry of Tourism as measures to improve the business sector are implemented, there is a positive evaluation of the process and the plans set up by each enterprise are fulfilled