Madrid, Spain.- On Thursday, Solidarity organizations, trade unions, and political parties in Asturias, Spain, presented the campaign “Tons of powdered milk for Cuba.”

At a press briefing in Gijón, the groups that comprises the State Movement of Solidarity with Cuba (MESC) in Spain will promote the initiative against the US blockade of the Caribbean nation.

It is one of the agreements adopted at the 16th State Cuba Solidarity Meeting held in Valencia in October.

The aim is to raise income from citizens to send at least ten tons of powdered milk to the island, with an approximate value of 60,000 Euros, as “Cuba is suffering problems with the supply.”

The managers of the idea recalled that the economic, financial, and commercial siege to which Cuba has been subjected for more than six decades “does not care that thousands of children suffer deprivation of such a basic product in their early development as formula milk is.”

Cuba has long demonstrated its commitment to the cause of humanity and has always contributed to those in need.

We proved it with the Henry Reeve internationalist medical brigades that went to several countries to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, including much more developed states such as Italy, they stressed.