Havana, Cuba.- The BioCubaFarma Business Group and the UK company Sg Innovations Limited announced on Monday the creation of a new company, BioFarma Innovations, focused on accelerating the development and accessibility in Europe and the British Commonwealth of innovative and leading world-class medicines, reports a joint statement from both entities, to which Granma was granted access.

The new partnership aims to provide access to BioCubaFarma’s portfolio of patent-protected biopharmaceutical products, which comprises all the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries established in Cuba.

Based on leading science, the Cuban business group has developed a wide range of drugs, with innovative discoveries, to meet medical needs.

In the midst of the current global crisis and the threat to public health, BioFarma Innovations will expand its distribution networks and increase the accessibility of these products to a greater number of people around the planet, including the fight against COVID-19.

Clinical trials of several products developed by BioCubaFarma for the treatment of the novel coronavirus have shown encouraging and promising results in several countries.

BioFarma Innovations will enable the evaluation of these and other products in its portfolio in Europe and the Commonwealth, said Granma.