Leahy referred to the meeting his delegation held the eve with Cuban President Raul Castro.

Leahy referred to the meeting his delegation held the eve with Cuban President Raul Castro.

HAVANA, Cuba. – Members of a bicameral delegation of the American Congress, expressed in Havana the need to continue the process towards the normalization of links between Cuba and the United States.

The group, led by Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, vice-president of the Upper House Appropriations Committee, visited Cuba to discuss with local authorities the changes in Washington’s policy towards the island.

During a press conference at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Leahy referred to the meeting he and his companions held the day before with Cuban President Raul Castro.

The Democratic Senator said the meeting took place in an extremely frank and pleasant environment, and it served to note the desire of the Cuban side to move forward in the improvement of the bilateral links.

Diplomats Criticize Trump´s Policy towards Cuba

D-VT Patrick Leahy reproached Trump’s course on politics towards our country, in particular the measures related to the reduction of diplomatic staff in Havana, and the expulsion of members of the Cuban headquarters in Washington.

That is a serious mistake, which damages the interests of the two Governments and peoples, especially those who need to travel, for family or business reasons, and so many other things that were frozen.

On the health incidents reported by American diplomats, Leahy underlined the cooperation of the Cuban Government in the search for the truth on the subject.

The group is integrated, in addition, by Senators Ron Wyden, of Oregon; and Gary Peters, from Michigan; as well as representatives Kathy Beaver from Florida; Jim McGovern from Massachusetts, and Susan Davis from California.