us viajarHavana, Cuba.-US recreational sailors want to travel freely to Cuba and influence the government of Washington to lift all kinds of restrictions against Havana, Commodore José Miguel Díaz Escrich said today.

President of the International Yacht Club Hemingway of Cuba, Diaz Escrich showed in Prensa Latina statements his satisfaction due to the fact that on May 21 will be celebrated the 25 years of the foundation of that sporting institution in the navy of the same name (west of the capital).

He said they have a broad plan for the festivities that includes 18 navigation events with strong participation of Us citizens, which – he recalled – currently can not visit the island as tourists, but covered by 12 special categories determined by the Treasury Department.

He considers that the anniversary of the Club is an ideal moment to demonstrate the intentions for friendship, love for the sport,for sailing and for peace.

The Club is made up of 3,053 people from 73 countries, 46 percent of them from US (1000 sailors).

He explained that the celebration began in January with a regatta from Key West (United States) to Havana, and in February followed that of St. Petersburg, also leaving from that nation.

The Commodore expects that in the 18 plans mentioned will participate 500 US vessels, and they have planned a speedboat race.