Havana, Cuba.- The delegation in Cuba of the Spanish firm Freixenet informed today the European Commission (EC) approved the sale of shares of Freixenet S.A. of the Hevia and Bonet families to the Henkell group.

Freixenet is an important Spanish distributor (Cataluna) on this island of spirits and other beverages for the national tourism system, with business for more than 25 years.

A company statement added that Henkell (Germany), the sparkling wine, and spirits subsidiary of the Oetker Group, announced the conclusion of the purchase of 50.67 percent of the Freixenet shares of the Hevia and Bonet families.

In addition, a broad cooperation agreement with Jose Ferrer Sala and Jose Luis Bonet Ferrer (managers) began after receiving the approval of the EC.

The Spanish-German cooperation creates the world leader in the sparkling wine sector, enabling Henkell and Freixenet to develop new markets and distribution channels. The deal allows for sustainable growth, the note insisted.

Freixenet is the number one brand in the international market for quality sparkling wines, with leading positions in many markets and sales in more than 100 countries.

The Henkell Group has a broad portfolio of sparkling wines, with leading positions in many markets, including Mionetto, the world’s best-selling Prosecco (beverages).

After a capital enlargement by Freixenet’s honorary chairman, Jose Ferrer Sala, together with Jose Luis Bonet, will own 50 percent of Freixenet S.A. while Henkell will own the other half.

For Freixenet’s honorary president, Jose Ferrer Sala, the cooperation with Henkell will not only give continuity to Freixenet, a company renowned for its tradition, but will also reinforce its international leadership in the world of cava.

The Henkell & Co. Group is part of the Oetker Group and is represented in 22 countries through its subsidiaries that export to over 100 countries worldwide.

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