Cuban doctors arriving in Cuba from Brazil.

Photo: Yoanny Duardo Guevara.

HAVANA, Cuba.- Aware that the principles of the Revolution are not negotiable and proud to have successfully fulfilled their mission for three years in Brazil, 196 cooperators who participated in the More Doctors Program came back to the motherland.

At Terminal No. 5 of Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, Vice-Minister of Public Health Regla Angulo welcomed them to Cuba, a bastion of dignity and courage, as well as congratulated them for demonstrating their humanist and solidarity vocation in the poorest areas and remote areas of Brazil.

Angulo acknowledged the way in which the Brazilian people treated and accompanied the Cuban health professionals and remarked that in the heart of the humblest of that nation the professionalism of the Cuban physicians remains.

Doctor Lisvan Cala, from Las Tunas province, who fulfilled mission in the state of Amapa, supports the statement by the Ministry of Public Health about not to continue participating in the More Doctors Program because it is a worthy answer, because above all there are our principles.

Calla added, Who Bolsonaro thinks he is to question the quality of the Cuban specialists, and also said the Brazilian people appreciates and respects our physicians for their professionalism, sensitivity and humanism.