Havana, Cuba.- Cuba keeps its commitments to export bee honey in different formats, despite the trade and financial blockade imposed by the United States and the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The general director of Cuba’s Beekeeping Company, Lazaro Bruno Garcia, said the company´s challenge is pretty high given other effects closely related to Tropical Storm Eta, but it is possible to collect and improve a top-quality product for traditional markets.

García told Cubadebate that this sector has objective conditions to increase its contribution to the domestic economy, and the three honey-processing plants as well as the only packaging plant, show stable outcomes.

He stressed that apiculture is a strong line for the domestic economy, which together with tobacco and charcoal, are three pivotal exportable items from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Garcia pointed out the company plans to increase the commercialization of queen bees, beehive boxes, stamped wax sheets, tools, protection means and inputs for apiculture production by 2021.

Likewise, García said that the investments will make it possible to optimize, increase and diversify the products, particularly in the plant located in the central province of Sancti Spiritus, and in addition to improving the infrastructure, adding value to food export by selling it in various formats and weights.