Santiago de Chile, Chile.- The blockade maintained by the United States against Cuba is the longest economic war in history, Pedro Bronzic, member of the Chilean solidarity movement with the Caribbean country, recalled today.

As is already a tradition, the group -with its different committees- participates in the O’Higgins Park of this capital in the Hugs Festival, organized every year by the Communist Party of Chile.

This is the first post-pandemic party and we are present to support Cuba and publicize its reality in the face of media campaigns against the Revolution, the also member of the Santiago metropolitan solidarity coordinator told Prensa Latina.

He recalled that in November the 27th National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba was held in the city of La Serena, where delegates from all over the country participated and one of the agreements was to contact government authorities and parliament to inform them about the damage caused by the commercial and financial siege.

This criminal policy has caused quantifiable damages for over one trillion 326 thousand 432 million dollars in its six decades of application.

Bronzic highlighted the resistance of the Cuban people who, despite the shortcomings caused by this hostile policy, remains firm.

“The strength of the Cuban people fills us with encouragement to continue from here, from the land of (Pablo) Neruda and (Salvador) Allende, the fight against the blockade,” he said.

The Hugs Festival is a meeting for debate and reflection on current issues, but also to enjoy music, culture, exhibitions and good gastronomy.