Havana, Cuba.- A high-level delegation of the China Geological Survey (CGS) today strengthened ties with its Cuban counterparts by signing a Memorandum of Understanding in the oil sphere.

The text points to coordination between the Chinese entity and the Cuban Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) for subsequent agreements in the areas of hydrocarbons.

In this regard, the director of Geology of the MINEM, Enrique Castellanos, said that it is an important step, since for more than 17 years, Chinese oil companies have been operating in Cuba and now these deals include projects with government entities.

Castellanos said it is a joint work of oil research in Cuba in order to investigate the stock of that raw material in the national territory, and evaluate the possibilities of increasing this work.

He pointed out that oil is a resource of significant importance for all countries and in particular for Cuba, where it is explored and exploited, to which such research can help to increase own resources.

The Chinese delegation is led by the director of the international division of the Department of Science and Technology and international cooperation of the CGS, Shu Sigi.

On the Cuban side, the deputy minister of Minem, Juan Arrantez, participated in the rubric.

Both delegations were made up of high-level specialists in the fields of geology, mining and oil.

On Tuesday, that same delegation signed another Memorandum of Understanding with the Institute of Geology and Paleontology of Cuba.

The attendees expressed their satisfaction with the increase in ties in different economic spheres and research between China and Cuba.