Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.- The members of the U.S. Venceremos solidarity brigade paid tribute to Fidel Castro this Tuesday at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery, 93 years after his birth and at the end of their visit to Cuba.

The activists laid flowers before the rock that holds the ashes of the Commander in Chief, where in recent days hundreds of Cubans and foreigners from different latitudes have come to express their admiration and affection for the leader, who died on November 25, 2016.

During the 50 years of this initiative, the presence of the young people on the brigade stands out. Among them this time was one of the coordinators, Malcolm Sacks, aged just 29, who pointed out that his ties to the brigade stem from his family, as his parents and a sister participated on previous trips and transmitted this feeling of solidarity to him.

The teacher described Fidel as a light and a symbol of the hope that it is possible to create a better world and another way of relating to each other. He plans to continue visiting the country in the next few contingents.

Meanwhile, 27 year old Pamela Segura, of Dominican origin, also a teacher in New York, is visiting Cuba for the first time and set to return home with new elements to explain to her students and her community about the Cuban reality, so distorted by the hegemonic media.

The people here are very happy, she noted, adding that she plans to organize events in the area where she lives in the city of skyscrapers, in order to spread the values of the Cuban Revolution and condemn the hostility of the US government, especially its economic, commercial and financial blockade.

The Venceremos brigade began its tour of the country in July, after celebrating its half-century at the headquarters of the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, in Havana, before visiting the provinces of Villa Clara, Camagüey, Granma, Santiago and Guantanamo.