Jose Marti.

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica.- The National University of Costa Rica paid homage to the Apostle of Cuba, Jose Marti, with the launching of two books related to his legacy, Cuban researcher and writer of prologues Mauricio Nunes said.

One of them is an essay by Nunes himself, titled Jose Marti: Narrating from Journalism, and the Costa Rican edition of the only novel by Marti, Lucia Jerez, with prologue and edition derived from the research made by the expert on Marti´s work.

Regarding the 140 years of the arrival of Marti in Central America, this year a series of homages are made to highlight the imprint of that region in his maturity and intellectual growth.

He said that to know societies deeply you must study both the great personalities and their bandits, and that was his perspective of analysis to any socio-cultural phenomenon, Nunez stated.