Mexican President continues strategy against violence.

Mexican President continues strategy against violence.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico.- Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he will continue with his government’s security policy, which chooses to eradicate the causes causing it, but without violence.

 For the President, the important thing is to respect life, to bet on peace, to do good, to have work, to have better wages, well-being, attention to young people, to strengthen cultural, moral and spiritual values.

Violence cannot be ended by violence, you cannot put out fire with fire, you cannot face evil with evil, Lopez Obrador said, as part of his strategy against violence and in favor of fighting corruption and impunity.

The President advocates for eradicating the causes of these evils, which he believes are in the unequal distribution of wealth, the consequent poverty and the limited access of millions of Mexicans to basic services.