Havana, Cuba.- Except for Haiti, until this Thursday all Latin American countries have officially reported positive cases to Covid-19, a disease declared a pandemic by the WHO. The Latin American map of the spread of the outbreak shows 103 new cases in Chile, where the figure rose to 342, while Colombia confirmed another six positive cases, for a total of 108.

Brazil recorded the fifth death by Covid-19 on Thursday, and compiled 428 infected people, and also 64 percent of the population that disapproves of the plan to combat the pandemic adopted by the government of Jair Bolsonaro, according to a survey by the consulting firm Atlas Politico.

In Peru, an unofficial report reported 155 infections this Thursday, an increase of 10 since yesterday, and in Ecuador the figure rose to 199.

Uruguay has 79 positive cases, while Bolivia confirmed three new cases, one of them in La Paz, and adds 15 patients.

Venezuela has registered 36 cases so far, and Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced that a permanent China-Venezuela airlift will be established next week to transport humanitarian and medical aid and to fight the coronavirus.

Cuba reports 11 confirmed cases, including five foreigners. Health authorities insist that so far the closure of borders is not a prudent measure, considering the level of reported viral introduction and transmission in the country.

In Paraguay, health authorities are monitoring 150 possible cases of the new viral strain, 20 of them suspected of carrying it, although the total remains intact with 11 sick.

Argentina reports 92 cases and three deaths, while Honduras confirmed 12 positive cases, one of them a four-year-old boy.

The governments of Nicaragua and El Salvador confirmed this Wednesday the first positive results for Covid-19 in their territories.

Mexican health authorities report that the country is still in phase one with imported patients, 118 confirmed with the virus, dozens of suspects and one death.

Costa Rica reported 69 confirmed cases and one death, Guatemala has nine positive cases and Panama has a curfew due to the pandemic that has already infected 109 people.

The new coronavirus is spreading in Latin America and governments are increasingly taking steps to try to contain it.