Beijing, China.- China on Wednesday ratified its support for the draft resolution that Cuba will submit to the United Nations to demand an end to the United States blockade, and condemned the permanence and tightening of that policy, despite global rejection.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told Prensa Latina that his country will adopt the common stance of the majority of the members of the UN General Assembly, as for 27 consecutive years they have voted almost unanimously for an end to that hostile policy.

Geng described the persistence of the economic, financial and commercial blockade as regrettable, even though the UN has repeatedly called to revoke extraterritorial actions that violate States’ sovereignty and legitimate rights, free trade and navigation.

‘China urges the United States to cease the blockade of Cuba as soon as possible. It is a call from the international community,’ he stressed.

The spokesman noted that China respects each country’s decision to choose its own path to development and social system, the maintenance of international order based on law, and the safeguarding of justice and equality.

Geng repeated China’s opposition to unilateral sanctions against other territories, whether through military, political or economic means.

Finally, he called on the United States to normalize relations with Cuba, and noted that this is in the interest of the two countries and their peoples, but also in the benefit of peace and stability in the Americas.