Havana, Cuba.- The Europe for Cuba channel today reiterated its denunciation of the US blockade against the island and highlighted the measures agreed to confront it in its second international meeting of solidarity with the Antillean nation.

A few days after another anniversary of the signing of proclamation 3447, with which President John F. Kennedy put the blockade into effect on February 7, 1962, the platform described the economic, commercial and financial blockade as criminal, whose application actually began since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, on January 1, 1959.

Around 100 delegates from around twenty countries participated over the weekend in the Bilbao forum, in which the channel and the guests advocated for the unity of action of the European solidarity movement with Cuba and agreed to strengthen communication to denounce Washington’s policy and its consequences.

In that sense, they scheduled a meeting in April with the press and the start of the platform’s transmissions in Arabic language soon, in addition to the usual ones, Spanish and Russian.

Likewise, they announced the celebration in 2025 of the third international European meeting for Cuba, after the one held in Seville in 2023 and the recently held one in Bilbao.

At the event on Spanish soil, the delegates also condemned the island’s inclusion in the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

The organizers considered their expectations exceeded, in a forum that recognized Cuba’s solidarity with other peoples, rejected the media campaigns against the largest of the Antilles and thanked the work of European parliamentarians in the actions condemning the blockade.

The Bilbao meeting also gathered signs of support for other countries and peoples targeted by aggression, including Venezuela and Palestine.