Low temperatures in Mexico City-

MEXICO CITY, Mexico.-The Secretariat of Civil Protection of Mexico City issued this Thursday a yellow alert for several delegations due to low temperatures, especially in the early hours of the morning.

The institution reported that in Alvaro Obregon, Cuajimalpa, Magdalena Contreras, Milpa Alta, Tlahuac, Tlalpan and Venustiano Carranza, temperatures between four and eight degrees Celsius prevail, although they must increase in the course of the day.

In this regard, the Secretariat of Civil Protection of Mexico City recommended the population to use at least three layers of cotton or wool clothing, cover nose and mouth, as well as avoiding sudden changes in temperature.

Those conditions are caused by a mass of cold air covering most of the country and the entry of the cold front number 12 of the current winter season; in addition, in a dozen Mexican states temperatures of zero degrees centigrade have been recorded in the last days.